Can help with rehabilitation after injury and may effectively treat a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.

Clinical massage involves a through consultation to understand why musculoskeletal issues have arisen within the body. Some clients respond positively to deep structural and fascial release work; for other a lighter touch is required to help the body to release. Within a clinical massage medical acupuncture, osteopathic articulation, trigger point therapy, acupressure techniques as well as deep tissue and sports massage strokes and stretches may be used during your treatment. Gentle bone realignment (osteopathic articulation) and craniosacral therapy techniques (gentle technique based touch) may also be used depending upon your preference.

As well as extensive practical application I have a developed my appreciation of pathophysiology and the most effective techniques with which to treat musculoskeletal issues having completed many postgraduate massage and clinical courses.

Treatment recommendation:
60/75/90 minutes

Your treatment time is the time allocated on the couch; please allow an extra 15 minutes for consultation, preparation, feedback, and rebooking.